COMING SOON: How to Build an Own the Racecourse Blog in DIVI

This is a syndication pattern program developed by James Schramko at James is the author of the excellent book,  Work Less, Make More. Among the many acts of genius that James has unleashed on the world is his OWN THE...

How to Market Your Law Firm, Fast!

I just wrote this, on Quora to the question "How am I meant to know how to market my law firm?". Marketing ANYTHING is complex. This certainly includes your law firm. I’ve gone to some pains to explain this on my law firm marketing youtube channel, but here is the...

Episode 004 Carl Richards

Are you in a heavily commoditized market, like real estate or insurance? Do you have a hard time communicating your uniqueness to your prospects?  The easiest way to strongly differentiate yourself to a potential audience is personal branding. The terrifying reality...

Episode 003 Secrets of Professional Telephone Prospecting & Sales

Today on the Zero Noise Marketing Podcast we are facing down one of the ugliest monsters of the marketing world – cold calling! If you’re like most people you are immediately put in mind of skeevy scammers and dial for dollar telemarketers working in a...

Episode 002 – The Art of Video Blogging With Brad Way

Video blogging is quickly has become a powerful way to communicate your personality and expertise. Is it right for your business? How can you get up the courage? How can you stay consistent in your video creation?...

Episode 001 Rick Frasso and The Art of Face to Face Networking

Rick is the CFO at Response-IT and Canadian Cloud backup in Kingston Ontario. He's involved with many community groups like The Rotary, Innovate Kingston, Switch and he's on the board for Kingston Chamber of Commerce...

Do you Understand Your Wins?

We’ve all heard that we have to learn from our mistakes, but I think it’s more important to learn from successes. If you learn only from your mistakes, you are inclined to learn only errors. Norman Vincent Peale We've all had the experience of throwing an object and...

8 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Law Firm Right Out of Law School

You can make the rules, define what you do and work for the kinds of clients YOU want to work with. If you are working for a firm you have no control of the kind of work you do  day in and day out.  As a partner in your own firm, you can learn to screen out the...

Designing an Engagement Pattern

Lead Buckets and Re-engagement in Social Media Channels

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Client Testimonials

Sean Donohue, Coordinator KPCV
We have been working with Jaeson for our Kingston Police Community Volunteer (KPCV) Public and Member web page since 2004 and have always been very satisfied with Jaeson’s service and expertise. Jaeson is always able to turn our ideas and needs into a web page that works. With KPCV we had a few special needs for security and member only access on our page and Jaeson was able to make it all work keeping our site very secure and functional all at the same time. We would highly recommend Jaeson for all your web page design and hosting needs.

Arthur Jordan, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel
Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment
I have nothing but praise for the way Jaeson and his team at NMG updated and revamped the web site for the PWOR Foundation.  Our project presented a few interesting challenges to the team and on every occasion they rose to the challenge, satisfying our requirements in a timely and fully satisfactory manner.  I would recommend NMG without reservation.

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Alternate Fee Arrangements

AFAs are driving the service innovation in more and more law firms.  Fixed price, software-driven solutions,  such as uncontested divorce (such as at  and others are strongly differentiating themselves to a growing market of informed consumers.  Form and database driven website solutions can be used to triage new cases to determine their complexity or systematically capture data to help streamline other internal processes.  Increase client value while attracting more clients and internal streamlining workflow!