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Designing an Engagement Pattern

Lead Buckets and Re-engagement in Social Media Channels

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Industrial Automation Marketing

Attract Better Prospects, Shorten The Sales Cycle

What would you consider the biggest challenge when selling fully-customized services like INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION? Is it enough to have years of experience in integrating complex solutions? How can you communicate your unique expertise in a way that actually shortens the sales cycle?

The Core Challenge

Most companies communicate expertise by listing the tangible parts of their offer, such as vision systems, lenses, cameras, actuators and other parts.  


The problem with LIMITING  yourself to this approach is that it positions you as just another supplier of parts.

How many options are there in the marketplace  when someone just wants to buy a part?

The Sales Force Approach

Another typical approach is to exclusively rely on your sales force to keep your prospects and clients thinking about you. Is that enough?.

The limitation of this approach is the high cost of maintaining and motivating your sales force.  Granted, follow up and contact is an essential part of building relationships. Too little contact and a prospect aren’t thinking about you.  Too much follow up and your sales team begins to annoy prospects. What if it were possible to shorten your sales cycle while increasing the quality of the leads that choose call you spontaneously?

Six Key Psychological Triggers

The unique way we address this challenge is to integrate SIX PROVEN psychological triggers into your website and marketing.  These triggers are designed to appropriately communicate your authority and experience.   These triggers are not used to manipulate your prospective clients. We use them as a kind of pre-flight inspection to make that we’re  emphasizing all your key strengths. As an experienced provider of automation solutions, it’s likely that you have the qualifications and experience needed to tackle nearly any project.  Most businesses overlook their strengths because they’re such an implicit and integral part of their companies DNA.

A website built using our approach will result in more, high-quality prospects contacting you out of the blue.  As an added bonus your colleagues and channel partners will find it much easier to refer new business to you, even if they aren’t experts in your business.


We’d love to talk to you more about putting all six psychological triggers to work in your marketing.   

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