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Jaeson Tanner

Project Management & Solution Design
Jaeson has been developing marketing strategies for a wide variety of industries including high-ticket boutique retail, wholesale distributing, legal services, and many many more.    Jaeson’s commercial art, advertising and copywriting background makes him ideal for communicating the special benefits of your product offer to exactly the right audience.

Paul Whittingham

Lead Graphic and UX Designer
With over 15 years of design experience, Paul Whittingham graduated graphic design from Fanshawe College. Paul has worked for multiple design companies within Kingston and has won several awards for his design work, the most prestigious being the International Economic Development Council Award for New Media. Paul has worked closely with many Canadian businesses and also many international ones. Recently Paul completed his Marketing course from the University of Toronto and has also expanded his skill set into 3D modelling, rendering and animation.

Jenny Gorter
Script Development, Copywriting and Voiceovers

Jenny is not only the best office manager we’ve ever had, she’s also a very clear thinker when it comes to writing laser-focused copy.  Jenny brings a clarity and warmth to every ad we create.  Jenny also voices many of our client’s video advertisements.